Your special sweetie blanket is super soft and cosy, so snuggle up with your favourite snuggle buddy! The cute sweetie friends on your blanket will smile at you all day and brighten up your cosy bedroom.
You can take your blanket anywhere and it will always make you feel happy and warm. Take it to slumber parties, on holiday, in the car, camping and most definitely for movie night on the sofa!
And don’t worry about getting it dirty as it can be machine washed and tumble dried, ready to look amazing again on your bed!
Girls LOVE it because:

Cuddle up with me on the couch

Pack me in your sleepover bag

I’ll hug you if you’re feeling blue

And I’ll keep you warm too!

Snuggle with me on long journeys
116cm x 170cm x 0.5cm

My Sweet Tooth Snuggle Blanket

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